Wheels Off Cleaning Specialists Serving Odessa-Midland TX.  

After many requests from our customers, we are now offering wheels off and suspension detailing services at our shop location. 7151 Faudree Road Suite 32 Odessa Texas 79765

We will properly and safely remove the wheels from your vehicle so we can deep clean the inner barrels, wheel faces, and suspension components.

Based on your vehicles condition, we’ll thoroughly hand-wash the wheels/suspension, steam clean any intricate areas (where needed), perform a clay bar and iron decontamination treatment on the wheels/brake calipers. 

This is a perfect service for vehicles getting ready for a car show, have been off-road, haven't been cleaned in a long period of time, or you  just want a thorough cleaning of your automobiles components. This service pairs well with a paint correction or ceramic coating.

Looking to get your wheels ceramic coated by a professional? Well, you're at the right place. Here at Nexgen Auto Pros we strive for perfection and customer satisfaction. 


Price is based on size, condition, and type of wheels.

Unfortunately, particular wheels and suspension systems will be beyond what we can do as far as restoring them back to a favorable condition. If your wheels have heavy curb rash, dents, chips, or pitted brake dust, this service may not be for you.

This is a laborious process as getting into all the areas of a wheel and suspension takes a-lot more time and effort than simply washing or polishing a panel of a vehicle. We have all the proper tools needed to get the job done right.

Wheels Off Detailing FAQ's

Will my wheels and suspension look perfect?

Depending on your wheels conditions, we can make them look significantly better, but if your goal is perfection, then we may not be able to achieve that. Due to the nature of driving, debris on the road, and how the vehicle is cared for, some areas may be too far gone to clean.

Can you ceramic coat my wheels and calipers?

Yes, this is the perfect time to get it done! The cost will vary depending on the type of wheels and calipers.

My wheels are still in the box. Can you ceramic coat them?

Yes, if you have your wheels in boxes, we’ll just have to prep the painted surfaces, maybe give it a light polish, and ceramic coat the wheels. This is the easiest type of coating to take on since they’re brand-new and in the box.