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Our correction package is great for any car needing a gloss enhancement while removing any heavy oxidation, water marks, and more in depth scratches. This 2 step process goes a long way for any car with soft paint and lots of swirls and scratches. The first step in this process is a heavy cutting with compound to remove medium defects and swirls. The second step is a polish that not only removes any haze from the compound step, but produces a nice deep glossy finish.

Time Invested. 2-3 Days

Nexgen Auto Pros has the knowledge and training to perform professional automotive detailing & paint correction at our Odessa location. We take the correct steps to bring your investment back to mirror like finish. In most cases, your vehicle will look better than when it was sitting on the showroom floor. Lets have a look at some differences in paint defects and how they are corrected

This process is different from general "Detailing" considering the majority of the time consumed is focused on restoring the paint by multiple polishing steps. The end result is very satisfying to the car enthusiast, show car owners, supercar owners and or anyone looking to get the best possible reflection out of their vehicles paint. The paint correction process is very time consuming and can take upwards of six to eight hours to complete and in some cases even longer. The reward is a truly perfect paint reflection, or a mirror finish. Once the paint correction is completed, it is common to apply a ceramic coating for the best possible paint protection. A  ceramic coating is a product that is applied like a wax, but last far longer than a wax or sealant. We use a ceramic coating that last two to five years on daily drivers and up to a lifetime on vehicles that are garage kept and not driven daily. The paint coating is also scratch resistant and more durable than the factory top coat of your paint surface. 

Spider Webbing

Spider webbing's are super fine straight line scratches on a vehicles paint that appear to form a spider web pattern when looked at in direct sunlight. This type of paint damage is so common that they even appear on brand new vehicles on a showroom floor. Spider webs are caused by improper washing, drying or wiping the surface of a vehicle with a dry, dirty or improper material towel.

This paint defect can be corrected with proper procedures by an experienced professional automotive detailer. 

Swirl Marks/Holograms

Swirl marks are dips and valley's on your vehicles paint surface that appear to be holograms when you look at the finish in direct sunlight. This damage is caused by the misuse of products and tools in the polishing process by an inexperienced auto detailer. This type of damage can be corrected with the proper procedures by an experienced professional automotive detailer.

Scratch and Swirl Mark Removal

We use a patented process utilizing Meguiars Professional™ products to attain a "wet paint" like finish. This procedure will bring your vehicles paint back to life. This process is our field of concentration and can be performed at your location by Nexgen Auto Pros. This service is included in our paint correction package!

Paint Contamination

Paint Contamination is an extremely prevalent issue with vehicles. The most typical contaminant is brake dust and industrial fall out.(small air borne metal particles) that get kicked into the air from a rail train's vortex during vehicle transportation to dealerships.

Contamination can be felt by rubbing your hand over the vehicles painted surface. If your vehicles body panels aren't smooth to the touch then it has been contaminated. Many people think the rough finish can be resolved by waxing. The truth is waxing will only seal  these contaminates into your vehicles surfaces causing more damage in the long run.

Contamination is most notable on white vehicles (although it occurs on all colors of vehicles) These small brown or gold specks are the beginning of major problems. Under a magnifying glass you can see these small metal partials ingrained into the surface of the paint where they then begin to rust which creates a pin hole for water to permeate under the paint. The most typical end result is oxidation and or a bubble in the paint that flakes & exposes a large rust spot.

The proper process to remove this type of contamination is with "clay bar".  Just like the name, a bar of detailers clay and lubricant is used to caress over the surface of your vehicle. This longtime secret of professional detailers is becoming more and more known to the average person and DIY'er. The clay bar picks up the contamination leaving your vehicles surface as smooth as glass.

This service is a must and is included in our Full Detail, Exterior & Paint correction package, and performed at your location by Nexgen Auto Pros.


Oxidation is when materials naturally breakdown. In this case, the materials breaking down are your paint & clear coat.  Preventing this process from occurring is one of the main purposes of professional detailers.

Oxidation is the result of everything aforementioned, poor maintenance & lack of protection on the vehicles finish. When a  vehicles finish reaches this stage, there is nothing left to do but repaint the surface. And trust us, that's not fun specifically in your wallet.

Nexgen Auto Pros can recommend a couple local body shops that can take care of your vehicle, however it is always best to have your vehicle detailed and protected on a regular basis to prevent this from happening. Your factory finish was  specifically designed for your vehicle. When properly cared for, not one product on the market will out perform your factory finish.

Together as a team, we can work together to make your factory finish last forever & look great at the same time!



Prices includes exterior detail, decontamination, includes up to 10 hours of paint correction.

Paint finishes needing additional paint correction or polishing will be priced accordingly.

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Paint Correction FAQ's

Do you offer ceramic coatings?

Yes! We offer a 2 or 5 year ceramic coating for all vehicles. You can also choose to go with a more traditional wax if preferred.

How long do the results last?

After the paint is corrected, the next phase is maintenance. With proper care and technique your vehicle will maintain its shine and appearance for years to come.

You have to properly (and routinely) wash and dry your vehicle moving forward to maintain the swirl-free finish of your paint. If not, you’re back to square one.

Do you have a shop?

  Yes! We offer all our paint correction and ceramic coating services at our Nexgen Auto Pros shop located    in Odessa Texas. We're across the street from Lush Nails & Bar.Depending on the level of work, it can take   1-3 days to complete the service. 

What’s the difference between a wax and paint correction?

A wax does not remove any swirls or scratches from your paint. It only hides the very light swirls and can be completed in a few hours. Paint correction actually removes the swirls in your paint. This is what makes the paint shine like crazy. It also takes a substantial amount of time and energy to complete. Usually one or two full days (depending on size, condition, and desired results).