Professional Engine Cleaning In Odessa-Midland TX. 

Thinking of Cleaning Up Your Engine Bay?

Whether you just purchased your vehicle, plan on selling it, or just want to give it some well needed TLC, your engine will look much better once we are done. We take the proper steps in order to avoid any damage to sensitive areas like your alternator or electrical components. 

Through years of experience we have a dialed in process that will surely put a smile on your face. It all comes down to the correct chemicals, tools, engine prep & pressure water settings on our equipment.

Time Invested: 1 Hour

Price may vary based on size, condition, and type of engine bay.

Starting at $89

Engine Cleaning FAQ's

How long does this service take?

It depends on the size and condition, but it typically takes 60 minutes to complete. 

Are you going to use water on my engine bay?

Yes, but we’re not flooding the engine bay with water. We’re careful to cover up the necessary areas, we hold the wand at a safe distance, and the primary focus is to rinse off the debris.

I have an oil leak. Can you clean that up?

If your engine bay is covered in oil/grease, we will not be able to service it. There’s only so much we can clean and are not able to get under or thoroughly into the engine bay where a lot of the mess is collected.